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Hey there! 👋

Chris Moore here.

I've been in the digital marketing space for 15+ years.

Learned a thing or two along the way.

Served as Head of Tech Support & Customer Experience at ClickFunnels for 18 months (back in the old days, 2014 – 2016).

Served as an official "Kajabi Ambassador" for 2 years (there were only 7 in the world).

Consulted for countless 6- and 7-figure brands.

Now it's time to give back on an even higher level...

It's time for a dedicated community and learning platform where we can all grow together!


Coaches and course creators deep in the tech weeds and desperately looking for some help.

✅ You're tired of Googling and Facebooking only to find vague answers to your tech frustrations.

✅ You're yearning for a curated community led with patience and true expertise.



🌎 Curated Community Forum

A community of like-minded digital entrepreneurs led by a seasoned digital marketing expert.

🖥️ Expert Training Content

A build-as-we-go library of video responses tailored to the specific concerns of our community.

☎️ Live Interactive Support

Weekly live Q&A sessions on Zoom, featuring "hot seat" and one-on-one coaching opportunities to tackle your pressing issues head-on.

👨🏻‍💻 Ever-Growing Course Library (under development)

Accelerate your growth with insights from a seasoned professional in digital marketing, with a focus on simplifying and making money faster.



❤️ Service-Oriented – Have a genuine desire to serve your clients and make a positive impact.

🌟 Ethically-Driven – Integrity isn't just a principle; it's your practice.

🌎 Community-Minded – Eager to contribute to a culture of kindness, support, and mutual growth.



I currently charge $250 for a single hour of private consulting. I've been doing this for years.

However, the membership community will be $55/mo, cancel any time.

I'll definitely be increasing the price over time ($75/mo - $95/mo), so make sure to join now!

I'm Interested In Joining!


📝 NOTE: The ideas shown below are tentative and subject to change. Content is built in collaboration with the community over time. Super excited! 🤩 🚀

Weekly Live Q&A Calls

Every week we'll have live Q&A calls where we'll dive into any and all of your burning questions about digital marketing, funnels, tech setups, automations, Zapier, and all that jazz.

All live Q&A call recordings will be added to the community platform, usually within 24 hours.

Some topics might include:

🛠️ Troubleshooting your tech setup

💬 Discussing your marketing strategy

🖥️ Real-time screensharing to demonstrate techniques in Kajabi and other tools

🗄️ Q&A Vault – Kajabi

The community will increase in size and value over time, and so will the content.

When I see recurring issues or a really good question in the community, I'll make a video about it.

Topic areas covered in the Kajabi Q&A Vault:

🌐 Kajabi Website & Pages

🚰 Kajabi Funnels

🖥️ Kajabi Products

💰 Kajabi Offers

✉️ Kajabi Email

⚙️ Kajabi Automations

🗄️ Q&A Vault – Zapier & Make

Zapier and Make are two powerful automation tools. You're really missing out if you don't know what they are or how to use them (and there are always levels!).

I'll be making videos about these 2 tools in an ongoing fashion, especially in response to specific questions you have about them in the community.

Topics will include:

⚙️ Business Automations

🧹 Filters & Exclusions

🛣️ Paths & Advanced Setups


I've decided to keep things simple – one membership fee with full-access to everything I create for this membership!

📝 NOTE: Join for the Community, the Live Q&A Calls, and the Q&A Video Vaults mentioned above. Do NOT join for these (potential) courses.

Kajabi Mastery

🔗 Setting Up Your Custom Domain

🌐 Core Website & Branding

📝 Blog Setup & Tips

🧲 Lead Magnet Funnel

💰 Products & Offers

✉️ Email Marketing

⚙️ Next Level Automations

🧩 3rd-Party Integrations

🔍 SEO Primer

Meta Ads Quickstart

⚙️ Setting Up the Business Manager

👨🏻‍💻 Setting Up the Meta Pixel

🔄 Setting Up the Conversions API

🎇 Creating a Campaign

📋 Main Campaign Types

⚡️ Meta Pixel Events

🤳 Ad Creatives

📊 Managing Your Ads

🪄 DNS Demystified

- What’s this DNS stuff all about?

- DNS Records & Nameservers

- Find DNS info for any platform

- Tours of Major Platforms (Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc.)

- Setting Up Email Records

- “Inbox” Email vs. Email Marketing Platforms

- Primer on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

- Setting Up Email for the Major Platforms (Kajabi Email, Google Workspace, Namecheap, Microsoft 365, etc.)

- Verifying Your Setup

Kind words from some awesome people...

"Chris was incredible at helping me solve a bunch of technical things and walking me through (it all) and explaining the WHY. (He went) above and beyond! It was a total pleasure. I felt like I was talking to an old helpful friend and I can't recommend his services enough!" 

– Rob Gilbear

“Chris is an amazingly brilliant man. He just constantly blows me away with his wisdom, with his generosity, and his overall ability to help people. Chris is so incredibly good at what he does. He has been – hands down – crucial for myself when I'm having a tech problem. I always know I can rely on him to get a fantastic answer.” 

– Jason Moffatt


All things ... Kajabi • Funnels • Automations • Strategy • Tech • Paid Ads • And More!

Stop Googling and Facebooking only to get vague answers to your tech frustrations.

Join the expert-led community that will actually bring relief.